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Where style meets

efficiency and convenience 

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With total customization and motorization, smart blinds and shades can transform your home without sacrificing style. Evolve Automation works with Lutron shades and blinds to offer high-quality window treatments that allow you to achieve perfect natural light throughout the day without manual adjusting or tugging on cords. 

Our Premium Shade and Blind Solutions are:

  • Motorized and cordless

  • Ultra-quiet and sleek

  • Totally customizable

  • Button and/or voice/app operated (Alexa or Google Assitant)

  • Can be fully automated through an automation system

  • Provide full blackout or allow some natural light in (preference-based)

  • Energy-efficient

Lutron offers 1000's of options when it comes to design, color, and textures, so you can be sure your shades or blinds shape the style of each room. Our designer can help guide you through the selection process to ensure your new window treatments match your homes aesthetic and offer the right amount of sun coverage. 


Not only do our shading solutions offer style and convenience, but they can help keep your home cooler during the Phoenix summer and lower energy costs. 

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