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Evolve your home,
simplify your life

Control and automate all of your home's technology from one place. From lighting and speakers, to security and window shades... we can create your perfect smart home. 

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One tap sets the scene

Ready for bed? With Control4 automation, you can do your nightly routine with just a tap of a button. Lights turn off, shades go down, doors lock, and the alarm is set. It's that easy. Hosting a party? Dim the lights and play your favorite tunes throughout your home in seconds. Our designer and programmers can create the perfect scene for any moment. 


Say goodbye to
all those remotes

The Neeo Remote gives you control over all your devices from one sleek, touchscreen remote. That's right–– one remote with hundreds of uses. Turn off the lights, turn up the surround sound, and turn on your favorite Netflix show using the Neeo remote. 

Ready to go smart?

If you're ready to empower your home and go smart, give us a call today at 602.753.9555 or fill out the form below. 

Thank you for requesting a quote. We will contact you by phone shortly.


Connect all your
favorite devices & apps

Control4 automation integrates seamlessly with other technology like Alexa, Ring, Nest, Lutron, AppleTV, Roku, and alarm & surveillance systems. Instead of managing multiple apps and devices, control your entire home from one place. 

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